Week 24– Final Week…or Is It?

Well 6 months have passed since this journey began, and in some ways it feels like a long time, but really it flew by! As we prepare to celebrate the final week in this course, I feel different about finishing this than I did with high school and college. I was so eager to be done with college, never to pick up an overpriced school book again (of course I still have a bookshelf of them over 20 years later 🤓). Thinking back, I think my dominate feeling was one of relief. I did not share the excitement of starting a new chapter, or career, in life. As mentioned in earlier blogs, I was going through a difficult time and just wanted to be done. And I quickly fell into a rut of day to day survival.

With this course, I have a totally different outlook. I am so excited to see where I take my life (vs. where life takes me), and I see an entire world of possibilities there for the taking. I feel empowered, and committed to creating the life of my dreams. And most certainly, these ‘school books’ will not be gathering dust with the other books. I have every intention of continuing my curriculum, because they are now habits.

I am so grateful for the Master Keys Experience..it has truly been a life changing course! I am leaving this course with so much more direction, belief in myself (and others), and gratitude and love in my heart. It’s kind of funny, I definitely had some struggles keeping up, and perhaps dropped the ball with some of the practices, but I am already thinking about coming back for the next time around, just to solidify everything I’ve learned and to focus on some of the things I didn’t give 100%, for whatever reason. But I stand here today, with no judgement, and no grades for myself; only love. I am proud of me! And everyone who took this course! We have all planted seeds, and the end of this course does not mean the end of of anything; it is truly a commencement, and the gardens we have all planted will continue to flourish. I will continue to greet this day with love in my heart, and let my let shine!

Thank you Mark, Davene, Dayna, my guide Linda, all the guides, my tribe, my family who did this course with me, and EVERYONE who was part of this amazing Mastermind!! So blessed to have been a part of it!

I’ll finish with a treasured metta mantra…

May I be free. May I be happy. May I be peaceful. May I be safe. May I awaken to the light of my True Nature.

May YOU be free. May you be happy. May you be peaceful. May you be safe. May you awaken to the light of your True Nature.

May WE be free. May we be happy. May we be peaceful. May we be safe. May we awaken to the light of our True Nature.

✌️ and ❤️


Week 23-‘Tis the Season

This week, reading Scroll VI hit home for me; I will be master of my emotions. Upon first glimpse, these words seem like an impossible task.. even as I realize that we can attach any emotion to any thing or circumstance, when faced with a loved one’s illness, I questioned this. How do I master my emotions in a moment of despair? It seems to be a most natural and gut reaction to feel depressed and a bit overwhelmed. At least in my experience. But is that what mastering my emotions really means–not succumbing to these feelings? As I read on, I am comforted by the words the sun rises; the sun sets. The moon is full; the moon is black. The birds arrive; the birds depart. Flowers bloom; flowers fade. Seeds are sown; harvests are reaped. ALL nature is a cycle of moods and I am part of nature and so, like the tides, my moods will rise; my moods will fall.

So why am I so hard on myself for the times I am down? Doesn’t it make sense to always want to feel good? Why would we settle for down feelings if we have the choice to be happy? As I write this, I am reminded that as part of nature, there is always a yin and yang. If we did not have the experience of sorrow or death, how could we know what it means to be happy and alive? Isn’t that why we chose to come into bodily form? In the absolute, it all is just theory. Each of us expressed the desire to experience, thus being a spirit with a body, not a body with a spirit.

And so as I move throughout different cycles in life, I will remember that this is life. Tides will rise, and tides will fall. No one living being can escape this cycle, nor should it be something we feel we have to ‘escape’. Yesterday, here in Colorado, was a beautiful example of Mother Nature experiencing moods changing almost constantly, from a warm sunny day to a cold snowy night, and awaking to sunshine this morning. I bet She wasn’t concerned that she wasn’t snowing when she was radiating with sunshine, and likewise was just as happy to be snowing instead of beaming sun rays. She simply was, and in the moment. And as we are ALL part of nature, we can find peace in the certainty of the change of seasons in our own lives, and that sunshine will always come after a rainy day.

✌️and ❤️

Week 21/22- Watering My Garden

This week’s inspiration comes from an excerpt that was shared in my yin yoga class, read by the instructor as we held our shapes.  As I heard the words, I immediately started connecting dots with this MKE course. Same message, different source. I am always pleased to find these messages (or should I say that find me) as I delve into my own spirituality and develop my relationship to the Divine.. She is always there and ready to share with me her secrets, and I am open to receiving her message. 

This particular excerpt is from Bernie Clark, a teacher of yoga and meditation, on habits, attitudes, and reaping what we sow. I thought I would share his words this week, rather than my own. 

What is the difference between being stuck in a rut and being in the groove? …the only difference between being in a rut and a groove is our attitude toward what we are doing; if we don’t like what we’re doing, it’s a rut, but if we love what we are doing, we’re in the groove. 

Our habitual patterns are paths; we call them grooves or ruts depending upon whether they serve us well or not. There is an ancient concept called karma that embodies this; our current actions are the results of our past actions. This is exactly how a path is created. To illustrate, think of a beautiful forest; imagine that you want to get from one side to the other, and you are the first person or animal to have ever traversed these woods. It is not easy to walk through virgin forest; you have to blaze a trail. The first time you walk the trail it is hard work. You may have to carve out your path. The second time you do it, it is a bit easier. After walking this path 100 times. It is really easy to follow the trail and difficult to leave the path to go on another direction. To go somewhere else requires blazing a new path, with all that effort being redone. It is no wonder people stick to their ruts in life; it is hard to create a new path. Athletes and musicians have to work very hard to blaze the new paths in their neural networks so that their performance is easy. But, if the path you are following is no longer serving you, get off that path and blaze a new one. Our thoughts create paths in our brains, as well. It is not easy to stop thinking in the same old ways we have always thought. 

Watering is an excellent metaphor to illustrate how we default to following a path in our mind that does not serve us well. As we become more practiced at noticing our thoughts and emotional states, we will discover that we spend a lot of time watering weeds. Now, if you are a gardener you’d think this is a very silly thing to do. Don’t water weeds; water the flowers! …..what are the weeds in your mind’s garden? Whenever you allow thoughts of regret, fear, anxiety, anger, frustrations, envy, jealousy, sadness, or guilt to linger, you are watering weeds…..when you notice that your mind is thinking about weeds, take a watering can and go over to your flower garden; start watering your flowers. It takes a while to build a new habit and stop an old one. It requires intention and attention….

When you have left the weed patch, you can direct your mind to linger on thoughts of joy, compassion, kindness, equanimity, and love. Everyone has flowers to water…..start with the beautiful flower of gratitude. 

✌🏻and ❤️

Week 20- Ups and Downs

This week has been an expression of emotions ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other.  As I have progressed the past two weeks, focusing on gratitudes rather than lack, I’ve experienced some personal victories. I had a productive work week, and was able to get a handle on some financial situations, which always provides a certain peace of mind.  I also was able to attain a new (new to me) vehicle, thereby regaining certain freedoms I had gone without for the last month or so, relying on others for rides (and by ‘others’ I mean my sis…. huge gratitude for her!) I had been having issues here and there with my old vehicle, but loved it and was determined to drive it until it couldn’t give any more. About a week before this occurred, I had decided it was time to look for something else. So, rather than stressing over the loss of the car, I had to smile, as I recognized that the universe heard my desire for another, and knew that I had to to let go of the one to receive another.  So I put out my intention for a newer, safer, better-in-the-snow kind of car, and one seem to become available just as I was going to have the money for it. I was so excited and relieved to have such an easy time finding one, as car shopping is one of my least favorite things to do.  But then, just a couple days before this happened, the seller decided not to sell, and I was left a bit deflated. Again, I had to refocus and put my intention out there, and sure enough, within two days another car manifested its way into my life. Rejoice! 

But as this was happening and I was feeling pretty good about seeing some things come to fruition, that rug that I mentioned just two short blogs ago, was ripped out once again, with the news of an illness in the family.  Whooosh!! All the old feelings come flooding back.. the worrying that I know serves me no benefit..my mind in a whirlwind of emotions..Devastation, helplessness, grief, and sadness..but at the same time, feelings of tremendous love, hope, and a sort of calmness that surprised me.  I just know that I can not react as I have always reacted; Knowledge does not apply itself  keeps coming to mind. I must use what I am learning to construct positive thoughts around this situation. For me, this is the greatest test. Having goals for a certain amount of money coming in, and what kind of house I want to live in are all fine and good, but what matters to me the most is my health, and that of my family and loved ones. And when these are jeapordized, the worrying becomes overwhelming, and dwarfs any petty stresses about bills and such.

 And so how do I continue onward without fear of loss? How can I stay positive and feel good about positive manifestations in my own life, when someone I love dearly is going through such a chrisis? How can I be empathetic without getting consumed? I know I must, but how? How do I not get sucked into the despair, and stand firm ground? While I may not have all the answers, I have something I can hold onto, something that I didn’t feel I had with my own mother’s illness. I feel the power and comfort in letting go of the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness; I feel some control in the face of the uncontrollable. I know my connection to the divine, and recognize that we all share the same divinity. And that I can attach any emotion to any situation, and that whatever I chose to express will impact and influence others around me, as well as my own life.  So I can choose to hold on to all the fear, and attract that which I fear; or I can choose love, hope, and healing, and send that energy and vibration out to the universe and to all those around me. 

Today, I feel like that is all I can do. But I know this is more powerful than it sounds, and so I choose my focus on being Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy. And most of all, I choose to remind my aunt that she IS as well, and all my family. 

Reading Scroll V has felt even more profound this past week, and I will continue to live each day in gratitude and love. We truly never know which breath will be our last, but I shall give thanks for each one until then. 

✌🏻 and ❤️

Week 19-The Power’s in the Pose

Although we did not have a live webinar this week, which usually gets me prepped and pepped for my new week, Mark J put out a great video, including an informative TED talk about body language and the power of posture and how we can use it to our benefit. It gave great examples of different species and the postures they hold to exemplify feelings of power and control or feelings of submissiveness and weakness. 

More specifically, the power pose, also dubbed the Wonder Woman stance, is a powerful two minute exercise that can not only improve one’s confidence, but decrease stress physiologically, by decreasing cortisol levels. In this pose, you are opening up and expanding yourself, with legs strong and balanced, and arms on extending out (either with hands on hips, or as Mark J shared, with arms outstretched up and out). As I watched this, it made complete sense, and I thought of all the times I made this gesture and the circumstance and emotion I was feeling at the time. Sure enough, I was either excited, or celebrating, or being silly and having fun, or dancing, or feeling great confidence or power. It’s like an innate reaction,  not exclusive to the human species, that non verbally expresses how we feel about ourselves and our world. 

On the contrary, closing in and making oneself smaller expresses just the opposite..low confidence, unsureness, and perhaps even coming off as withdrawn and uninterested.  Even more interesting, this body language not only communicates to others, but more importantly, to ourselves.  What I found to be awesome is that these gestures are not just a reaction to how we are feeling, but we can change how we are feeling by doing the gesture first….wow! 

I was contemplating this on a walk as I was listening to Abraham Hicks and it struck me; by opening up and reaching out to the skies, we are literally becoming an antenna to the universe!  Just as a television uses an antenna to receive signals, we are outstretched and open to receiving the information the universe (and the divine) is eternally sharing. We just have to be open to receiving, and tuned into the right frequency. 

As always, I am excited to integrate this exercise into my daily habits and see how it plays out. I had to chuckle a bit as the new Wonder Woman movie was airing on tv, as I never had an interest in watching before; but felt compelled to watch after learning of this dubbed ‘wonderwoman’ pose.  She discovers powers previously unknown to her, in a test of faith and love; she felt the connection and power of the divine (or the gods), before she ever learned she was a god. And I think that’s what this course is all about too, realizing that we are all connected and powerful and one with the universe, and the way to stay connected is to remain open to receive…..and my antenna is tuned in to love. 

✌🏻and ❤️

Week 18- Look to this Day, For it is Life! 

I am always excited to start a new scroll in the Greatest Salesman.  The 5th Scroll is just packed full of wisdom; it really resonated with my life. I come from a long line of worrywarts (for some reason it seems to be the women in the family, or maybe the men just hold it in more).  I carried this burden for many years, and have only begun to shed the weight from my big bag o’ worries over the past few years. I remember being a kid, and would have a worrisome thought (like the death of a loved one), and get myself super anxious over it. I recall thinking back then as the thoughts would occur, that just thinking about it could bring it into existence, and that I needed to get the thought out of my head. I did not like the burden of worrying about such matters, and always felt guilty for thinking these thoughts. As illnesses and losses came to pass, I had more reason to worry about the next one. I felt as though every time I started feeling happy in life, another tragedy would occur, ripping the carpet out from underneath me. And I thought about death (and life) with a very unhealthy outlook.  

 I now know that this never served me any benefit; worrying about things, whether it be death (I prefer transition), or bills, or relationships, or whatever, does not prepare you for the worst, it creates it through the Law of Growth, or Attraction.  That which is like unto itself is drawn, or even more simply put, Like attracts like.  Ahhh, the grip old blueprints have are powerful, and it’s because I have been doing the same things since I was a child…..rehashing the yesterdays over and over while worrying about the tomorrows at the same time. Who has time for now when you are so preoccupied with the days past and days to come? Can I relive the errors of yesterday and right them? Can I call back yesterday’s wounds and make them whole? ….can tomorrow’s death cast it shadow backward and darken today’s joy? Should I concern myself over events that may never come to pass? No!!

Powerful..reminds me of the Sanskrit we read in Lesson 8 of Haanel (and from which I had previously written on my closet door) Look to this day, for it is life, the very breath of Life. In its brief course lie all the verities and realities of your existence; the bliss of Growth, the glory of action, the splendor of beauty; for yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision: but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of Happiness, and every tomorrow a Vision of Hope. Look well, therefore, to this day! 

 I will live this day as if it was my last. In the past this statement would have caused great anxiety, leading me down a path of worry about what if’s and unspoken goodbyes. But now, I embrace this with love in my heart, and wake each day, truly grateful for another day of life.  I lift mine arms with thanks for this priceless gift of a new day. So too, will I beat upon my heart with gratitude as I consider all who greeted yesterday’s sunrise who are no longer with the living today.  This also struck me, as it ties in quite well to the task of  reading of an obituary daily.  The exact same conclusion I came up with when I asked myself  ‘why the heck would I want to read obituaries?!’… Because it makes you so darn grateful for everything!! And so not only do I give thanks daily for my own breath, but for that of my family and all my loved ones.  

…..I continue onward with an attitude of gratitude….

✌🏻and ❤️

Week 17 HJ- Enthusiasm!

My virtue for this week was enthusiasm. And while nothing out of the ordinary happened, it was an extraordinary week! I chose to focus my attention on acts of love, kindness, and enthusiasm! And it really does make an amazing difference when one is focused on seeing only positive things happening around them. Everything seemed to flow a bit smoother, and if they didn’t, I was able to handle it with more patience than normal. I felt as though my light was a bit brighter, and attracted great customers and tips at work. In fact, in the past few months, my income from work has been creeping up, and this month I am so close to hitting a goal I have never hit before. It’s exciting, and I will keep persisting! 

✌🏻 and ❤️