Week 16- The Kindness Revolution 

This week was an amazing experience of the Law Of Growth at work. We are now integrating a daily focus of observing and tallying a specific virtue for a week at a time. Our second week, having gained some momentum with practice, collectively focused as an alliance on the acts of Kindness. Each day I tried to see only that which I wished to see; kindness and love. I have been learning about, and really working to grasp, the Law of Attraction over the past few years. But I have never tried a task such as this; looking for kindness in everything, for every hour, every day.  

An awesome eye opening experience for sure! As I focused on seeing only kindness in people, I was in turn, more kind. I felt the butterfly effect of love, and caught a glimpse of how one person can initiate a massive change in the collective consciousness. We are not doomed, there is always hope. Every breath is an opportunity to give more love, which in turn allows one to get more love. 

I felt the difference in myself at work as well, really looking at each customer with love and kindness in my heart. They must’ve felt it too, as I got  ‘you’re awesome’ and ‘you have great energy’ from several customers. Made me feel really good, and excited to continue to bring the love, no matter where I go. 


Week 15- A Little Insight

This week we turned our focus inward, reflecting on Insight in our sit.  Haanel points out that Insight is a product of the world within, and is developed in the Silence, by concentration. Is that why they call in in-sight? Only by looking within, will we see the answers we are looking for. 

My lil insight about insight did not come to me in a sit, but on the way home after a yoga class. The class itself was challenging, in a great way, and I found energy by repeating I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy several times throughout the class. It was a great substitution for the normal chatter in my head that serves me no benefit.  On the way home, I was in a great mood, reflecting on the yoga class, and this MKE course, and my mind was swirling.  I was having a moment of total peace and joy, just excited to be alive and feel connected to the universe and the divine. 

And in this moment, I thought “Is this insight?” My mind is going a mile a minute,  and I can’t put into words all the thoughts and ideas, but they feel right and it makes sense in the split second they occur. It’s as though I experienced a moment of clarity, even though I can’t put my finger on what I feel clear about! But I know that it leaves me with a sense of peace and knowing, and feeling connected. I feel like in that moment, I was truly open to the universe. It’s when new ideas come, yet they seem familiar, as if I’m remembering, not learning something new. Intuition? 

I get home, and have to see what the good old dictionary says about insight..am I way off base? 

“1. The power or act of seeing into a situation, 2. The act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively”.  The phonetic spelling being in-sit (with the dash over the i) I thought quite interesting…goes right along with Haanel’s statement about insight being attained through silence and in our sit. 

So with this new little insight, I will persist in my sits so that these moments of clarity come to me more often, and last for longer periods of time. I know this is key to the discovery of my True Self. 

✌🏻and ❤️

Week 14- Tiny Habits = Big Payoff

This week we turned our focus a bit outward, as we watched a movie to see how the 4 Tiny Habits play out in life. I chose to watch the lighthearted movie, Cool Runnings. I really enjoyed this movie, and found the 4 Tiny Habits present throughout the entire movie. 

Derice Bannock lives in Jamaica, and from the very start his definite purpose and burning desire was clear; to go to the Olympics and win. He sprints across town, always, preparing for the qualifying race that will get him to the Olympics. This is his definite plan of action, expressed in continuous action. Running, running, running. He has his mind set, and nothing will deter him from winning. And then, quite literally, he hits a bump in the road and is thrown off track. This particular bump has a name, Junior Bevin. He is in the race, and as he loses balance, he also takes out Derice and another runner Yul Brenner. In one moment, all he has dreamed and worked for is gone, and by someone else’s hand…I suspect if I had been in this situation, I would have reacted more like Yul, who basically wants to beat up Junior. Angry, frustrated, let down, feeling helpless. But not Derice..he immediately takes control and does not take no for an answer. He has a mind guarded tightly against negative thought and discouraging influence. He asks for another race, and is told no. Still, that does not stop him. In conversation, he discovers another possible way to get to the olympics; bobsledding. But is this even a possibility? A Jamaican bobsled team? Never been done before. No team, no snow to practice, no money to finance the venture; heck, he didn’t even know what a bobsled was! Seemingly everything going against him, but he is laser focused and all he sees is a way to the Olympics. He refuses to see obstacles, only solutions. He makes friendly mind alliances with people who encourage him to follow through; it appears though that this may be the most difficult task in the movie, as everyone he comes into contact with is either negative or discouraging, or straight up laughs in his face. But he smiles through it all, because it means nothing in his grand scheme. He manages to find a coach and a team, and they began their pursuit to the Olympics. His positive mental attitude begins a change in the others, and as they truly become a team, the dream becomes more real. 

Derice does not falter in his determination to get to the Olympics at any point in the movie, although he faces a hurdle at every turn. I was thinking to myself as I watched this movie, ‘Man, this guy is ALWAYS smiling! He does not let ANYTHING get to him. Do these people really EXIST?!’  I realize that this is a Disney movie, and of course a feel good movie is supposed to make you feel good. But this determined, joyous disposition in life is absolutely possible! We are not all given the same hands from the deck at birth, or have been nurtured or taught to believe the same things, or may not have had encouraging words growing up, but we ALL are a manifestation of the Universal Mind; and it our right, our purpose, to live a life of joy. And it is never too late to realize this or to begin a mental regimen to secure this happiness. 

This movie encourages and inspires one to dream again and set goals, and the endless possibilities that are in store for us if we take consistent, unwavering steps toward its attainment. I’ll close with a quote from the movie that sums it up quite nicely, 

“All he has to do is know what he wants, and work hard for it” 

I am excited to begin a new year with a new positive attitude, and a powerful mastermind alliance that shares the same vision of bringing more joy and love to the world…

✌🏻 and ❤️

Week 13- Gratitude’s Galore

As we finished off week 12 and dove into the next, I zeroed in on one of my emails that started off with the quote from Tagore, “The stronger the imagination, the less imaginary the results” I thought this was a fabulous compliment to what we’ve been learning, and read on.  ‘Most of us know that when you grow a vision of possibility in your mind you bring it closer to reality.‘ Yep!! 

Master Key lesson 13 follows nicely …We have come to know that thinking is a spiritual process, that vision and imagination preceded action and event, that the day of the dreamer has come…

For me, the day of the dreamer has returned..I think back to when I was younger when my sister and I, along with our good friend, made up nicknames for just us. Mine was Dreamer. The nicknames did not last long, and sadly, neither did my dreams. Swept under the rug, and covered over by years of day to day ruts,  I left the dreaming for sleep. 

I am excited to be dreaming again! And to be learning methods that not only help me define what my dreams even are, but to put them into goals so that I know where to focus the magnifying glass. 

As we are nearing the end of not just another year, I am so thankful for everything this year has brought. Starting these gratitude flash cards is a brilliant idea this time of year; this past year is really the first time I made consistent effort to say thanks and be grateful for at least 3 things every day. It was not always written down, but even still I felt the amazing benefits of this habit. And I love that it is part of the Master Key system, because I think this alone, done daily, could change lives. ..when an act becomes easy through constant repetition it becomes a pleasure to perform and if it is a pleasure to perform it is man’s nature to perform it often.  As I pressed on, I found myself saying thanks constantly throughout the day, even for seemingly small things. And it is much easier to be in a state of happiness when one feels blessed. And when you are in a happy state, you are in the right vibration to ask and receive, and be In The Flow. Life is so much more colorful and vivacious when you know what you have and are grateful for it, and it is so true that the more grateful you are for what you have, the more you have to be grateful for!!  I am thankful for each morning I wake up, and my warm bed each night I lay my head down, and every breath in between. 

May you all have a most blessed year filled with ✌🏻and ❤️

Week 12- You Aren’t the Boss of Me, Old Subby!

As we delve into a new week, I feel the anxiety of not finishing my blog before the next lesson. Again. Have I become complacent? Am I allowing the old subby to provide excuses? ‘It’s fine, you can do it tomorrow.‘ The battle in my head..do it now! 

I am struggling between being proud of how far I’ve come, and beating myself up for not doing more. But I know that is not the answer, and I must love myself through this process.  ‘And most of all I will love myself’ is what I jotted above Scroll 3, and I will persist in this journey! I will not allow my old subby to lure me back into its dark lonely corner. I will persist and dig deeper, and I will succeed!

The only way to keep from going backward is to keep going forward. Whoa…seems like common sense,  but it’s really mind blowing when you think about it..for me, it impresses upon me the idea that maintaining status quo is not good enough, that is like standing still. And I want to move forward. So I take another step, and another, because one step at a time is not too difficult.  I find it easier and easier to pick the pace back up when I slow down, because I am finally learning the methods that will propel me forward. So grateful for this course! And that I love myself enough to keep going, and to pick myself up quickly when I fall.

I look forward to this next week, as I get to write down things I am grateful for daily. Finally! A lesson I am one step ahead on, as I have already made gratitude a part of my daily habits. I find it to be extremely helpful when I am wallowing in self pity to write a list of everything I have to be grateful for, and it quickly changes my attitude and brings me to a state of peace and love. I am truly blessed!!

Week 11- In the Flow

Yesterday was amazingly beautiful in Colorado. I wore a tank top walking my dog on the trail. In December.  So I decided to treat myself to my sit on my favorite tree stump along the path, the last day to contemplate whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them. Ah, it all seems so simple, but so few actually realize this reality.  

This whole week I have been thinking on the Law of Giving, and receiving.. if I had known this in my heart years ago, I could have saved myself a lot of anguish.  ‘I promise to give without expectation of reciprocity from the channels I enrich because I know I am in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving’. Wow. I feel like I have lived that with my family; I am always willing to help when I can without expecting payback, but I have most definitely not applied this to the rest of my life, especially my job. I work for tips, and believe me, judgement came to every person who tipped under my expected threshold. I was grateful for the generous tippers, but always had a negative emotion attached to the cheapies. As I have grown over the last few years, putting more love in my heart, this attitude has subsided quite a bit, but as I reflect, I see that I still have improving to do. 

I have been more aware of my emotional attachment to tips, and I am excited to ingrain in my brain that I AM in the flow! It allows me to be more joyous, as I know that one bad tip will be made up by the generosity of another, therefore I can appreciate every single customer and send them love with my smile. And more importantly, it will come in other forms and means I have yet to visualize or am familiar with. I am recognizing that my abundance is not attached to any one job or venture, that life will bring me what I desire and manifest itself in ‘miraculous’ ways.  

I was also reminded of this great law as I plucked a tomato from my plant the other day. As I popped it into my mouth, I was let down by the mushy texture, and realized it was overripe. Dang git!  I waited too long to pick it. And it occurred to me in this moment, that I had been blocking my flow! A little bit of history about me…I have never been what you would call a green thumb. I was the girl who couldn’t keep a plant alive. And certainly don’t give me any pets!  I would have to relinquish my dying plants to my sister, who would revive them, and she usually just kept them so they would flourish. Well, my love for gardening has been growing the past several years, and year by year am learning how to grow vegetable and plants and herbs.  Growing a large, organic garden is one of my DMP goals. Back to the analogy, I realized that I was holding on to the fruits of my plant (and labor) , because I felt like if I took one of the few tomatoes on the plant, I would have nothing left. I worked so hard for these tomatoes, and wanted to hold onto them. Maybe I wanted to feel accomplished every time I saw them. Whatever the reason, by holding in to them, I missed them in their perfection. Also,  I was not allowing new tomatoes to receive all the nourishment they needed because they had to share with the bigger guys. It was a great little lesson for me on being able to receive too..as I start to develope my desires into specific ideals, things, and goals, I realize that it is just as important to be in the receiving mode! And to be ever full of gratitude. 

I am grateful for all my blessings!! 

Week 10- Keep on Keeping On

As I reflect on my past week, I realize the importance of having enthusiasm at all times. I am pleased with the progress I’ve made in getting some of my tasks caught up, and excited to be peppering my subby with all the colors and shapes and staring at my movie poster. I feel especially accomplished with finally completing my poster, as this is something I set out to do years ago, and never quite managed to put my ideas and visions down on paper. Woohoo!! 

I still have yet to complete my recording, and is my main goal starting out this new week. I am a huge lover of music, and have been accustomed to blaring my beats both at home, and in my car. It is always playing….Until recently. I could never understand how someone would rather listen in to boring talk on the radio, or how one could clean a house without music motivation.  So I am a bit surprised at myself, as I would rather plug into a Master Keys audio, or a YouTube recording of Abraham Hicks speaking on the Law of Attraction, or anything else that elevates my consciousness and inspires me to become that person I know I am. So, I am rather excited to add to my audio toolbox, of ME, inspiring ME! 

I am loving the course and how it is laid out, and trusting the process without trying to know it all. This keeps me from feeling discouraged and helpless. When my old stubby wants to tell me “I can’t”, or “I don’t know what to do”, I immediately think, “Yes! I know what to do”. Affirm. Affirm. Affirm! 

The positive thought will destroy the negative as certainly as light destroys darkness, and the results will be just as effectual. 

Thank you Scroll 3, for coming just at the right time. I have felt as though I was trailing behind the past few weeks, but not so much that I was discouraged to go on. I have been doing enough to know that if I persist, I will reach my goals. And my own journey is not to be compared to others, nor the speed that I get there. It’s a great feeling to know that I am moving in the exact right direction I should be, and that I no longer feel helpless about my future. I no longer feel like I fit into that ‘insanity’ definition (doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results)…I AM doing things different than I ever have before, and I AM expecting different results. I WILL PERSIST!!!